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Marcus Kuiper

Marcus Kuiper is a Marine Corps veteran with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education and kinesiology from Judson University. He also holds certifications from the International Sport Sciences Association as a basic personal trainer and USA Weightlifting sports performance level one for Olympic weightlifting. He also has 15 years of wrestling experience and has been coaching wrestling at Barrington High School for 5 years. Kuiper currently competes in Strongman competitions with the Silverback Strength team. Along with teammates Greg Case & Ryan McDillon, Kuiper is waiting to compete in Ohio next year at United States Strongman Nationals in early June.

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Ryan McDillon

30 plus years strength training

Cary Grove Grad

US Army Veteran

AFPA Certified in Strength and Conditioning

3 time Chicago Marathon finisher

Former goalie for the Chicago Outlaws Lacrosse Team

2018/2019 US Strongman Nationals Qualifier

Favorite Quote.

“If you find that you are the strongest person in the gym, you’re in the wrong gym”.

If I could tell young lifters one thing it would be to find an old guy at the gym, and listen to what he says… we have made the mistakes and we have felt the pain of those mistakes…. Learn from that experience… Most of us look angry, intimidating and unapproachable, nothing could be farther from the truth!!

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Jeremy Harlow

I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast who enjoys sharing my knowledge and passion with others. I have always been fascinated by people's ability to transform their bodies and improve their performance through exercise and proper nutrition. My own fitness journey has led me to compete in various sports at a high level. In 2001, I was selected to the U.S. Australian Rules Football National Team. In 2017, I qualified for the World Championships in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. I have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry teaching group classes, personal training, and coaching strength and conditioning for athletes. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, one of the most respected certifications in the industry. I believe physical health is one of the cornerstones to a happy life. I have changed countless lives in my career. Whatever your fitness goals are, together we can achieve them!

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Greg Case

  • Cary-Grove Graduate- Class of 1994

  • Associates Degree in Fire Science

  • 25 Years in the Fire Service

  • International Sports Sciences Association Certification in Strength & Conditioning

  • Director of Cary-Grove Youth Baseball & Softball Travel & Player Development Programs

  • 5 Time Qualifier- United States Strongman Nationals

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