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How Much Do You Want?

How much do you want from life? How much are you willing to ask from yourself?
• We are entitled to nothing yet entitlement is huge. Why? Because the weak claim it and the weak allow it. YOU get out what YOU put in.
• Does everyone agree with or follow your path? No. Who cares if you are putting the work in?
• Do you deserve to be given anything? No. Expect nothing. When you put in the work people give hand ups not handouts because they believe in where you're going. Don't expect handouts- for anything.
• If you want to create change, whether it's in yourself, the community, the gym, school, the world, you have to be about it. NOT talk about it. Your complaints, your protests mean nothing. Once again, you don't have to be given anything. You will not achieve anything remaining comfortable.
• Your path in life shouldn't and will not be an easy one. The path to greatness is even more difficult. If you cannot walk the paths provided in life, then you will not walk the path of greatness.
The more we have people carving paths for others, the more the path towards greatness becomes grown over and the less that will reach it. If you want something, work for it. If you have problems, find solutions. You are entitled to nothing. Expect nothing. The work put in separates the average, the good, and the great. If you want greatness out, then put greatness in

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Individual Youth and Team Speed & Agility for all sports and physical ability levels

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Sport specific Movement, Strength Speed & Power Development including Strongman, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting

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